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A Clockwork Orange Review

A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess is definitely somewhere on my favorite book list. It tells the story of young Alex DeLarge. It is set in a futuristic world. Since it was written a while back, the futuristic world is set as the same time as our world, yet it is completely different. It is written in a kind of language called Nadsat talk that you slowly understand from context clues. Once you get it, it’s amazing to read. But on to the plot! Alex and his gang of droogs (it’s a made up word meaning friends) go around at night, terrorizing old people, robbing stores, and doing something they call “ultra-violence”. Ultra Violence is when they go around, terrorizing random people. Eventually, he breaks into an old lady’s home and accidentally kills her. He is sent to jail for a very long time. But since the jails are very crowded, they !!!!!!!!SPOILER!!!!!!!!!  make him a guinea pig in an experiment called Ludovico’s treatment. This is when they keep his eyes open with a clamp, and force him to watch people doing ultra-violence. To make the treatment work, they give him a drug beforehand to make him sick whenever he sees or does or even thinks about violence. But, unfortunately, his favorite type of music, classical, is played along with the horrid movies, so he gets sick whenever he hears classical music. Eventually, he gets over his affliction by a means I won’t tell, even under a spoiler. The ending varies between the US and the UK version, because there is a missing chapter at the end. _SPOILER OVER_  This book about the malicious Alex, and the perverse world he lives in, is a classic, and book worth reading. Don’t be intimidated by the “has probably two hundred foreign words” factor.  It’s okay. I have faith in you.  A very thought-provoking book, I recommend it to anyone who likes thinking about things, and anyone who is okay with debating with themselves about free will and the good of a person verses the good of the people or whether the end justifies the means.




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