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Jeeves by P. G. Wodehouse Review

It’s time to lay down the vampire novels and pick up something with a bit more wit and a lot more class. The author P.G. Wodehouse provides both those and more in his stories chronicling the life and adventures of Bertram Wooster and his “gentleman’s gentleman,” Jeeves. Bertie, as he is more commonly called, is a rich young man living as a member of the upper crust of English society during the early part of the twentieth century. An imbecile (at his best), Bertie is completely dependent on Jeeves to solve the numerous social predicaments in which he regularly finds himself. Some of his dilemmas include avoiding his Aunt Agatha (Bertie puts it best by describing her as “the one who eats broken glass and turns into a werewolf at the time of the full moon”), helping his friend Bingo Little find true love, and generally tolerating other members of the idle rich. The stories focus less on straightforward plot and more on the day-to-day business of Bertie heading straight for trouble and Jeeves rescuing him, so it is hard to say distinctly what happens in Wodehouse’s books.  However, they are as humorous now as they were nearly a century ago when they were first penned, and I recommend them to anyone seeking a good laugh.

The Jeeves Omnibus is available in the library.

~Kathleen Baryenbruch~


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